hall of eagle scouts - Our flock

Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America. Along with other requirements, you must earn at least 21 merit badges, have completed a leadership service project, and have passed a Board of Review before your 18th birthday. It takes years to earn this award and it will open many doors with unlimited possibilities.

Eagle Scout Badge

Shepard Jerome
Harvey Strauss
Donald Bernstein
Norman Bernstein
Edward Rindler
Howard Zubick
Joseph Paley
Alan Rindler
Alan Strauss
Mark Robbins
Jay Strauss
Ronald Tye
Merrill Tye
Michael Teague
Morris Perera
Richard Bailey
Ira Wolf
Randy Allen
Keith Price
Philip Nadeau
Kenneth Mills
Brian Breckinridge
Jonathan DeSousa
Robert Pitkin
Jay Sickorez
Zeke Mermell
Brandon Berke
Raymond E. Morrison III
Matt Tremblay
Nathan Felton
Bobby Garrahan
Matthew Giroux
Jordan Tye
Teddy Masse
Ryan DuBois
William Z. Mermell
Michael Halligan
Samuel Nadeau
Andrew Giroux
David Tye